What We Do

We now work with the remote villages of Venda people in Mutale, South Africa and the Shona and Ndebele in Zimbabwe with schools and orphans. The Venda and the Shona and Ndebele people are intelligent, creative and WANT to work to make life in their villages better. These are impoverished areas with 90% unemployment. They willingly work to change their conditions. Schools function with the barest of conditions. They need help with educational opportunities such as more classrooms, furniture, equipment and computers, school supplies; medical assistance with malaria protection, antibiotics, and other supplies; poultry and farm projects; skills training; and help for their deprived families. This is our urgent mission and life work. 

Africa is still a wild and exotic continent of adventure and opportunity.  It is a land of wild animals and a culture that practices their ancestral ways. It is a land where wood cooking fires and plowing with donkeys exists side by side with technology and cell phones.  The opportunity the people have is to understand their need to educate themselves to rise up out of the hopelessness of poverty.  One of HHTH’s major thrusts is to work in the communities supporting education that will open the door to a University diploma for the children.  This will then give them a passport to job opportunities and the ability to create a life free of poverty.

Meet The Team

Together we do mission work through Helping Hands Touching Hearts. We expanded to outreach in Zimbabwe with Orphans and building a school library at Dadani School.

Sidney Bonvallet


Former auto executive, business owner and public speaker. She and CJ started HHTH in 2008 to serve South Africa and Zimbabwe. Her passion is to change poverty to prosperity and awaken hope. She loves being with Wayne and her family. She is a Bible teacher at her church and loves to learn.

Wayne Bonvallet


A short bio with an interesting fact about the person Retired Physicist and Business Manager in the auto industry for 32 years. He and Sidney also ran a family business for over 15 years. Wayne is the father of 3 wonderful children. He is called “Madala” (revered wise one) in Africa and willingly volunteers wherever he is needed.

CJ Christopher

Vice President & CFO

Educated in family dynamics and manager for their family business for 15 years. She handles HHTH finances and operations. CJ loves being with her husband Darrell, her children and grandchildren. She enjoys spending time creating “Junk Journals” and interacting with other passionate people.

Janco Scott

Guide and Liaison

Official HHTH Guide and Representative / Liaison in Africa. He speaks 3 languages and has extensive experience working with the local people. He assists us in managing all HHTH projects in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Janco’s wife works in the tourism industry and they have a daughter named Shana.

Board of Trustees

Jeanette Abraham

Founder, President and CEO of JMA Logistics, a 100% minority and woman owned company. She is passionate about community outreach. She has served on the HHTH board since 2016.

Cathy McCarthy

She has worked in the Beauty Industry for over 25 years. She has a heart for serving and making her life count. She loves competitive dancing. She has served on the HHTH board since 2011.

Dr. David Brownstein

Doctor and Director of the Center for Holistic Medical Clinic. Internationally known author of 14 books and lecturer. He is family focused. He has served on the HHTH board since 2011.

Mike McCarthy

Owner of McCarthy Construction Company. He built a successful business of over 45 years with his dad. Mike enjoys competitive dancing. He has served on the HHTH board since 2011.

Clark Sanford

Field Operations Manager for FCA US LLC supporting dealerships in multiple states. He has 25+ years in the auto industry. Clark enjoys time with family. He has served on the HHTH board since 2017.

Todd Lackie

A minister for over 30 years. He serves at Kenwood Church of Christ in Livonia, MI. His passion is hospitality and ministry to the elderly. He has served on the HHTH board since 2011.

Alan Salomon

Partner at a local public accounting firm specializing in complex taxation matters for businesses and high net worth clients. Alan is family-focused. He has served on the HHTH board since 2012.

Photographs by Don Burton

While distributing mosquito nets to the children and pregnant women, we realized their clothes were badly worn, lack of education and medical issues held them captive to poverty. In that instant, there was a common thought, “We must adopt these people!” This lead to applying for 501 C3 charity status to help them create a more promising future. It is a magnificent dream. It will take many hands and hearts to make the dream come true. This child holds her mosquito net close to her heart.  This is her life weapon against malaria.

The goal this year is to build a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and Vocational Lab) in Mutale B, South Africa. This will be done in cooperation with Mr. Gilbert Mbedzi, principal of Fhetani High School there.  This S.T.E.M. & Vocation Lab will be revolutionary for the children attending High School.  They will, at last, be able to prepare for University, or learn a life skill that will help these children to earn an income.  It will give them the hope to finally have a chance to conquer poverty.

Help Our Cause

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