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“Helping Hands Touching Hearts” 

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Our MISSION is to empower impoverished people through sustainability with Education, Health, Food and Hope.  We desire to bring hope to the hearts of remote tribal villages in Africa by promoting  education and sustainable Projects (i.e., Gardening, Chickens for eggs & broilers), to create classroom space where there is none for the overcrowded village schools and to provide school equipment and supplies.  Skills are taught so the people can earn resources to supply their basic needs and experience the pride of self empowerment. Helping Hands Touching Hearts brings health education, mosquito nets for malaria protection, and other medical supplies to villages.  We wish to promote a community of caring and assisting those less fortunate in our world so they can build a life of pride, thus creating an adventure in “making a difference,” while moving closer to a world that is more safe and connected.  This, then makes our planet a place of peace and mutual caring with equal possibility to succeed.

While we know we cannot meet all the needs of our adopted Venda Tribe in Mutele, S. Africa, and in Zimbabwe, it is possible to help them get an education, heal common medical issues and to bring joy to their hearts with food and some play. The orphans we work with survive on one meal a day.  It makes concentration and focus hard, yet they know they must get their education.  Education and entrepreneurial projects such as the chickens and gardens are a way to rise above a destiny of poverty.  They are a self-sufficient people and motivated to better their existence.  They rely on their own abilities without the sense of entitlement.  The Venda are a peaceful and contented people; they believe in God’s providence.  The Zimbabweans are highly intelligent and strive to better their conditions by hard work and creativity.  It is our intention to help them create a life that is a little more bearable and create opportunities without detracting from the cohesiveness, purity and charm of their culture.

You can contribute to this valuable work by simply clicking the Donate Button below and filling out your information.  Helping Hands will appreciate whatever you can give.  Any amount helps this work.


Shoes to make education             Playground equipment for babies.                   Teaching them to “Fish.”

    easier to achieve.