Making A Difference

Partnering with Kruger Now Entrepreneur Andre Theunissin, General Manager of Machampane Luxury Tent Camp, Hennie van der Colff, and One Net One Life, we distributed and demonstrated how to use mosquito nets. Our generous contributors enabled us to supply this village with 140 nets. Since malaria takes one life every minute in this area we wanted to start our mission to protect the pregnant women and children of this village, because they are the most susceptible to this danger. We were greeted with song and dance from their hearts. A memory we shall never forget. We also had sewn 150 school tote bags and filled them with supplies and coloring books. The greatest thrill was giving them soccer balls (their first real ball in their whole life). They play until it is too dark to see anymore. Their gratitude over these small gifts touched our hearts and began a life journey for us to continue helping this tribe and other remote tribes with their basic needs… To put a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts.

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